Someone cares, somewhere.
One day i woke up and hated who i was. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin and disappear into nothing. 4 years later, i'm still here. I'm fighting a battle everyday. Some days i think i'm winning. Other days i know i'm losing. It scares the fuck out of me. One day it will be all over. Its just a matter of how it ends.
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it just overpower

I know you’re not a fan of weakness and i can only hope you won’t view me differently now. I try to fight it but sometimes it just overpowers me and i can’t help it. Today is one of those days and it’s unfortunately going to get the best of me. I try to fight it but tonight i can’t. I’m sorry.

I make a lot of hearts with my hands and doodle them all over my school work. But it’s ironic because i honestly could care less about my heart. It always fucking hurts me.

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No medicine cures what happiness cannot.
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